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Deutsch Lernen ‎ A1 A2 B1

Of the most important things in learning a new language that will help you understand the language in
 which Acts,

The acts will help you in the installation of a useful phrase, so in the German language we collected you all actions A1 A2 B1 with strings with the sound and the way pronunciation,
Acts 1A first level in learning the German language
And the actions of level A2 to teach Alamanah language with sentences in German, and with the translation in Arabic language and the way any word sound,

And also the actions of level B1
So all actions for the first levels of my German language with sound in this application, and soon Anak actions Sntekon Level B2 to teach German language and actions will be full
If you have any inquiry please feel free to email us we will be happy to answer you.

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